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Almost any designer can make something look pretty – it’s the ‘why’ behind the design that makes a brand successful. I work with you personally to ensure that your logo design not only looks great, but also attracts your target market and helps you reach your business goals. With over a decade of experience I know what it takes to take your business to the next level.

Logo Design Process

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A logo design process begins with an initial consultation and a lot of listening – on our part. We ask you questions about your business and what you want to communicate and achieve. Here are the exact questions we ask:

1. Do you have a tagline or slogan? Would you like it incorporated in the logo?

2. What is the final business name that needs to be included in the design?

3. How would you describe your company to someone who has no knowledge of your existence?

4. Describe your target market, gender, age, geography.

5. Describe your direct competition; provide addresses to their websites if available.

6. What logos or websites have you seen that you like or catch your eye?

7. Are there any elements/graphics that you would like to see included in your logo design or do you need a text only based design?

8. How many colors would you like used in your logo? List your color preference if you have any.

9. List at least 5 adjectives describing how you want someone to feel when they look at your logo. IE: Strong, powerful, peaceful, etc…

After we get your feedback it’s off to do research. This can take awhile. You don’t want to look like your competitors do you? No. Also it is important that your look be relevant with what is on trend – but not too trendy. It’s a fine line we walk, but we are expert logo designers and we know what we are doing. Problem-solve first, design later. We research designs that have been successful in present and past styles and trends that relate to your industry and company. We learn about trends not for their own sake but rather to be aware of them: longevity in logo design is key.

Then we create unique concepts that will give us a roadmap and a direction of where to go from there. We present you with the logo designs and the edits begin! As you can see from the above example, we refine and edit and then refine and edit some more. Did we mention you get unlimited revisions? Here’s where the fun happens. You can pick just one idea for refinement — sometimes you may want to run two or three in parallel just to see where they go. We go back and forth regarding the improvements and changes for the presented logo drafts. Ultimately, the final logo is chosen, approved and prepared for identity development. At last we get to the perfect logo. You receive that final logo, which can be used on your branding, marketing collateral, printed items, website, and everywhere! You receive the original Vector, Illustrator and EPS files for the logo. These files are scalable to any size, large or small.